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Trane Introduces Water Cooled Chiller with Adaptive Frequency Drive
20 August 2014

The new TraneR Series R™ Helical Rotary Chiller, model RTHD with Adaptive Frequency™ Drive (AFD) promises to deliver high partload efficiencies with silent performance for the medium-tonnage, water-cooled market. It provides a wide range of applications with changing load demand such as commercial and office buildings, hotels and hospitals. RTHD with AFD, a robust chiller model, achieves first-cost and on-going operational cost savings offering efficient full-load and part load performance – achieving up to 30% energy savings annually compared to conventional fixed speed helical rotary chillers. The direct-drive, low-speed, semi-hermetic compressor is designed with only three moving parts, ensuring low maintenance and repair cost. It comes with Trane’s trademark EarthWise™ systems that deliver responsible cooling, and sustains their performance through the lifecycle of building services. Its advanced design enables chilled water temperature control to ? 0.3°C, allowing more precise humidity control. With smooth speed modulation resulting in low sound level at part-load, RTHD with AFD delivers quiet comfort. The RTHD can be part of a multiple chiller system using Trane Chiller Plant Control or can be integrated in an HVAC system with a building management system such as Trane’s Tracer Summit™. The New UC800 Trane Controller helps in Data Trending and its features include TIS for remote monitoring.

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