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The Market for Evaporative Coolers in India
15 May 2014

When the month of April arrives, we not only start feeling the summer heat, but also get visually flooded with newspaper and TV ads proclaiming the latest features of Room Air Conditioners. Since it is also the start of the financial year, there is plenty of money to be spent from the approved advertising budget to help boost sales in the New Year. This season you will also notice more ads from a company called Symphony that manufactures and markets Air Coolers which provide Natural Cooling or Evaporative Cooling. Compared to the old, bulky and crude looking desert coolers manufactured by small scale entrepreneurs in every town within the country’s hot dry areas such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, HP, Rajasthan, MP, UP, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra, the new branded Coolers, for the Residential market, come in a wide variety from this organised manufacturer with smart looks, feather-touch digital control panels, remotes, auto swings, alarms and other intelligent features. In a power-starved, under-cooled, poor country with a Room Air Conditioner penetration of only 3%, it makes sense to off er a low initial cost Air Cooler (about half the price of a 1 Ton window air conditioner to cater to a 57 m3 or approximately 200 sq ft room, with a ten foot ceiling height). To top it off the running cost is only a small fraction of the power-guzzling air conditioner and since there is no refrigerant to leak or compressor to burn out, the maintenance cost is also very low. Very effective cooling is provided in the hot dry parts of the country during the months of April, May and June before the Monsoon rainy season arrives.

Market Size
The total market size for Air Coolers in India only (excluding exports) for all applications, both in the organised and smallscale sectors together is estimated at Rs 2,300 crores. Since no reliable industry statistics are available, this estimate has been culled from information provided by some organised players spread over the country. Of this total, approximately Rs 1,900 crores is for the Residential sector which includes the organised (Rs 900 crores) and small-scale (Rs 1000 crores), and Rs 400 crores for the Industrial and Commercial sectors, which is all organised.
Major Players
In the Residential sector, the organised players are Symphony, Videocon (brand Kenstar), Bajaj, Ambassador and Maharaja while In the Industrial and Commercial sectors the organised players are Symphony, Roots Cooling Systems (RCS), C. Doctor and Co., Desiccant Rotors International (DRI), United Engineering Corp., Zeco and Waves. Symphony, headquartered in Ahmedabad and established in 1988, is a global company which acquired Mexico-based Impco Air Coolers in 2008 and is today the largest manufacturer of Residential, Industrial and Commercial coolers in the world, offering products under its own brand name in 60 countries. The largest industrial cooler it produces is capable of delivering 60,000 cfm with a static pressure of 2 inches. Typical Industrial applications are automobile plants, power plants, printing presses, paper mills, machine shops, plastic moulding, etc. Typical Commercial applications are warehouses for logistics, distribution centres, canteens, clubs, sports halls, schools, colleges, yoga ashrams, etc.

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