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Supreme Introduces INSUflex, a High Vapour Resistant Insulation
15 January 2015

The Supreme Industries Ltd., founded in 1942, has introduced INSUflex, a CFC-free, black flexible elastomeric closed-cell nitrilerubber thermal insulation that effectively controls condensation against both heat loss and heat gain. The material is particularly suitable for insulating pipe-work for condensation control. It can be used on chilled water pipes, refrigerated pipe-work, hot and cold water services and on sheets or rolls in air conditioning ductwork. INSUflex has a high diffusion resistance factor to water vapour transmission of more than 7000, a low thermal conductivity and good fire safe performance. It is suitable for temperatures ranging from –55°C to +105°C. The product does not depend on an additional outer thick skin or covering but is in-built with the insulation that extends through the full thickness. It is resistant to
corrosion, fungal and mildew growth and is therefore suitable for clean room applications. INSUflex is available in combinations of various wall thicknesses and diameters to suit G.I., copper and PVC pipes. For further information please email 

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