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RCS Jetfan from Roots for Car Park Ventilation
15 June 2015

Car park ventilation systems are required to achieve two objectives. Firstly, when the car park is in general use, it is important that the exhaust fumes produced by vehicles are effectively removed and that there are no stagnant pockets of harmful gases. Secondly, in the event of a fire, assistance needs to be given to the fire service to clear smoke from the car park during and after the fire. In addition, car park ventilation systems may be designed to provide clear, smoke free access for fire fighters to tackle the fire, or alternatively to protect means of escape from the car park. Each car park is different and RCS will provide a scheme designed to suit the exact requirements of the project along with controls and sensors. The key features of Jetfan are hot dip galvanized casing with polyester powder coating option, inlet guard, outlet diffuser, and no distribution ductwork to clean. Technical specifications are tabulated below:

RCS can provide carbon monoxide detectors, heat/smoke sensors and fire alarm inputs along with all their necessary controls and battery back up facilities, linked into an addressable fire detection system.

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