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Pluss Polymers Awarded for MiraCradle™ Neonate Cooler
22 June 2015

Pluss Polymers, a leader in specialty polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCMs), has been awarded at the Innovative Medical Technologies Summit 2015 held at Chandigarh on February 16-17, with Kirloskar Technologies Award for its MiraCradle™ Neonate Cooler. The product bagged the award for Excellence and Innovation, which was presented at the launch of the Medical Equipment Maintenance Society of India. MiraCradle™ Neonate Cooler is an affordable passive cooling device which uses the savE® PCM technology to induce therapeutic hypothermia among newborns suffering from birth asphyxia. The treatment is currently dependent on servo control instruments, which cost Rs. 15-20 lakhs and cannot be afforded by most hospitals in India. It has been developed by Pluss® in collaboration with CMC, Vellore. It is easy to use, safe, light weight, portable and gives precise temperature control of 33-34°C for 72 hours with minimal manual supervision and no requirement of constant electricity supply. It costs less than 1/5th of the present servo control devices in the market.

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