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MGPRO Develops New Upright Cabinet Range
15 June 2015

Responding to the demand for ever-decreasing kitchen space and increasing ambient temperatures, Mumbai based MGPRO has developed the CPro range of products that are compact in size. CPro cabinets are suitable for food service professionals. Food safety aspects have been taken care of. The main features of these cabinets are:

• Thicker cabinet design with high density injected 70mm insulation.

• Water resistant smart digital controllers from Dixell with high visibility temperature display.

• Ergonomic door and handle design for ease of opening.

• Advanced air distribution system for efficient operation with fully loaded shelves.

• Energy efficient refrigeration system.

• Ventilation for compressor.

• Fixed racking set-up with height adjustability.

• Electric door heaters to prevent condensation of door mullions.

MGPRO uses helium leak detectors to detect minute gas leaks. In addition, evaporator coils have two protective coatings to ensure that they are protected from corrosion till their centre. For more details, please visit

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