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IGBC Rating System Ensures Credible Building Performance
15 May 2014

India has gained the unique distinction of being one of the three members of the Billionaire’s Club with over a billion sq. ft. of green building footprint. What started as one green building in the year 2003 with a mere 20,000 sq. ft. has snowballed into over 2,400 green building projects amounting to over 1.86 billion sq. ft. registered with IGBC. Of these, over 450 projects are certified and fully functional. The certified and fully functional green buildings have successfully exceeded expectations and are able to ensure sustained benefits, both tangible and intangible. IGBC Rating Systems have been developed based on a holistic approach and the five elements of nature (Panchbhutas), leading to enhanced designs and high performance of buildings. The rating system has evolved out of consensus, so as to be comprehensive as well as user-friendly. An important development in the Green Building Movement is the launch of the following Green Building Rating Systems, to suit every building type in India:

1. IGBC Existing Buildings

2. IGBC Green Homes

3. IGBC Green Landscape

4. IGBC Green Factory Buildings

5. IGBC Green SEZs

6. IGBC Green Townships

7. IGBC Rating for Commercial Buildings

Every IGBC Green Building Rating System essentially promotes the following key parameters:

Conservation of natural resources

Enhanced energy efficiency by design

Substantial reduction in water consumption

Enhanced occupant comfort levels

Increased productivity of occupants

Extensive and innovative usage of renewable energy sources


Illustrative Design Features:


Energy Performance

Projects that have adopted IGBC Green Building Rating Systems have led to large energy savings. Towards this direction, IGBC projects adopt a multipronged approach:

Better orientation

High performance envelope wall, roof, glazing

Day-lighting through optimization of fenestration no artificial lighting during day time

Integration of shading devices

High performance equipment and systems

Energy efficient lighting systems

Well integrated controls and building management systems

IGBC energy credits lead to annual

Water Savings

IGBC Green Building Rating encourages the following design strategy in optimizing the use of water resources and significantly bringing down dependence on fresh water.

The water thus saved can be diverted for other purposes.

Selecting native species of plants which are adaptive to the climatic conditions

Promote drip and sprinkler irrigation systems

Onsite sewage treatment plant

Installation of ultra low flow and flush fixtures

Usage of treated water for non-potable applications

Capturing free rainwater by storing


IGBC water efficiency credits lead to water savings to the tune of 40 45,000 kl per million sq. ft.


Renewable Energy

IGBC Green Building Rating significantly brings down energy demand. The rating system also encourages the reduced energy requirement to be met by incorporating onsite and offsite renewable energy sources.

Some of the innovative technologies incorporated in IGBC certified buildings include:

Solar PV


Micro wind turbines

Geothermal cooling and heating


IGBC rated buildings have over 5 MW installed capacity of renewable energy sources.


Optimal Use of Construction Waste


IGBC Green Building Rating System encourages project managers and construction teams to adopt innovative and sustainable ways of handling waste generated during construction. The project team, right from day one of construction, is required to segregate waste at source. All waste like cut steel bars, wooden packing crates, thermocole packing, broken glass, etc. is either reused at the site or sold to vendors for better usage. Construction waste like cut stones, broken blocks, used cement bags, plastic material, etc. are re-used at site for pavers, hard landscape, etc. Materials like dug-out earth are donated for better utilization.


IGBC credits, design approach and implementation have led to more than 500 tons of waste from reaching landfills.


People Friendly Material and Finishing Products

IGBC Green Building Rating encourages products that are not only eco-friendly but also people-friendly. Products incorporated in the buildings include:

Zero or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials

Primers, paints and coatings

Adhesives and sealants

Eco-friendly carpets

Ergonomically designed furniture system

Furniture made from bamboo or artificial wood


IGBC credits for indoor environmental quality through day-lighting, abundant fresh air and low VOCs ensure better health of occupants.


Bombay House, the headquarters of Tata Group, has become the country’s first existing building to get the prestigious green rating from IGBC. Some of the key green features of Bombay House, IGBC Gold Certified Existing Building, include:

1. Energy savings of more than 20% after the adoption of green measures.

2. Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) equivalent to more than 75% of annual electricity consumption requirement of the building have been purchased.

3. Water savings of more than 50% after the adoption of green measures.



Green Building projects which have received IGBC rating over the last ten years have been able to optimize their design, construction and operation through a holistic approach, resulting in substantial tangible benefits energy and water savings. High performance rated green buildings have not only achieved significant tangible benefits but also many intangible benefits like better health of occupants and higher productivity.

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