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Greenheck Introduces New Vertical Blade Wind-driven Rain Louvers
11 April 2014

The new Greenheck Model EVH-501 is a wind-driven rain louver designed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in building exterior walls from direct water penetration in extreme weather conditions. AMCA licensed for water penetration, air performance and wind-driven rain, the design of this model incorporates a drainable head member and 5-inch deep verti¬cal rain resistant blades. Louvers featuring verti¬cal blades offer the best protection against wind-driven rain and the verti¬cal blade offers a distinct look to the building fa¬cade. Manufactured from extruded aluminium, these louvers can be specified with a variety of options in a broad array of architectural finishes for durability and compatibility with adjacent components. For more information, visit

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