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Galaxy Energy Solutions Brings Heat Transfer Nanofuild
09 May 2017

Jaipur based Galaxy Energy Solutions has introduced Hydromx, an energy saving heat transfer nanofuild, which is claimed to save up to 20-35% energy. Its heat transfer coefficient is higher than water by 37.4%. Hence it can achieve the same heat transfer in about 45 minutes that water can achieve in 60 minutes, resulting in energy savings. It is installed in 50:50 concentration with water and can be used in a closed loop circuit in chillers, boilers, heat pumps and hot water generation equipment. Some of the sites in India where Hydromx is being used at present are ITC Maurya Delhi (Hotel – Heat Pump), The Lalit, Jaipur (Hotel – HWG), Club Mahindra, Jaisalmer (Hotel – Hot Water Generator), Red Fox, Jaipur (Hotel – HWG) and Microlabs, Banglore (Pharma – Chiller). Some overseas installations are Forest Green Rovers, UK (Boiler), Hamworthy, UK (Boiler), Home Box Office Inc. (HBO) (Chiller) and Carrefour Icerenkoy Shopping Centre – (Chillers, 1560 kW Total). Hydromx has over 20,000 installations, and needs no infrastructure or training changes.

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