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Extech Launches Infrared Thermometer with Built-in Leak Detector and Flashlight
03 December 2016

Extech Instruments, makers of handheld test and measurement tools, have announced the launch of the IR300UV, an infrared (IR) thermometer with integrated ultraviolet (UV) refrigerant leak detector and LED flashlight. The versatile combination of frequently used tools has been specifically designed to meet the needs of HVAC& technicians.
The IR300UV is a rugged point-and-shoot thermometer with an ultra-wide measurement range from -30 to 500°C. It uses a laser sighting system that displays a coaxial circle pattern. The built-in ultraviolet leak detector with five UV blue LEDs (460-470nm) can be used to find refrigerant leaks. The coaxial circle laser sight can help focus on the precise location of leaks. The tool adds more versatility with a built-in 5-LED flashlight to brighten dark work sites, illuminate faded labels or markings, and light up components in crowded compartments. Users can set high and low temperature points to trigger audible and visible alarms. 

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