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Emerson Service Tips: "Refrigerant Floodback"
19 May 2017

Q: What is refrigerant floodback?
Refrigerant floodback is a result of liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor during the running cycle. The oil is diluted with refrigerant to the point it cannot properly lubricate the load bearing surfaces.

Q: What are the signs of refrigerant floodback in an aircooled compressor?
Worn pistons and cylinders; and, no evidence of overheating.

Q: How does refrigerant floodback happen in an air-cooled compressor?
The liquid washes the oil off the pistons and cylinders during the suction stroke causing them to wear during the compression stroke.

Q: What are the signs of refrigerant floodback in a refrigerant-cooled compressor?
The center and rear bearings are worn or seized, there is a dragging rotor and shorted stator, a progressively scored crankshaft, and worn or broken rods.

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