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Elanpro Launches Three New Products
15 June 2015

Elanpro (Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd.) announced the launch of three new products at AAHAR 2015, held in New Delhi from March 10 to 14. Elanpro offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration and food-service products for the hospitality, retail and life sciences sectors. Ice Pod, a visually advanced display freezer, keeps products at eye level for the convenience of children. It allows products to be stored at 2 levels for better model and range display. Products are maintained at –20°C. EFGV 500, an upright glass door freezer that works at 43°C, eliminates the need for power back of air conditioning in smaller format stores. This product is available in 2 sizes: 450 lt (single glass door) and 1000 lt (double glass door). Drink dispenser for instant ice teas and drinks can serve up to 3 different drinks including ice tea and water soluble products like Tang. For more details, please visit

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