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Compact Gasketed PHE from Alfa Laval
03 March 2015

Alfa Laval has launched a gasketed plate heat exchanger to deliver optimal capacity in a compact size. It incorporates innovations such as Alfa Laval CurveFlowTM, Alfa Laval ClipGripTM and a perpendicular corner guiding design, and aims at minimizing the total cost of ownership in heating and cooling applications. At less than 1m in height, and with a connection size of 80 mm, the Alfa Laval T8 PHE is suitable for HVAC applications in buildings and industries such as fluid power, metal-working, marine, power generation, general manufacturing, general utility cooling, engine cooling, and the semi-conductor industry. Its Alfa Laval CurveFlowTM distribution area delivers better flow distribution at a lower pressure drop over the main heat transfer area. This allows it to be configured with less plates, resulting in a compact size and reduced maintenance costs. Energy efficiency is improved due to the reduced need for pumping power due to lower pressure drop.  The Alfa Laval ClipGripTM allows fast and glue-free mounting. Gaskets stay in place during maintenance, while reducing consumption of spare parts and additional time for re-gasketing. The perpendicular corner guiding design ensures that the plate pack is properly aligned regardless of the number of plates, ensuring better performance and faster closing of the unit after servicing. Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive portfolio of services covering the product lifecycle from start-up, support and maintenance to improvements and monitoring. More details are avilable at

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