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Cold Chain Market in India
15 January 2015

According to data compiled by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), the cold chain industry in India is growing annually at 28% and is expected to reach around €10.39 billion (Rs.8,00,00 crore) by 2017 through increased investments, modernization of existing facilities and establishment of new ventures via private and government partnerships. The industry is still evolving, not well organized and operating below capacity.

Key Growth Drivers: • Large consumer market for domestic consumption
• A growing and upwardly mobile middle class that is increasingly urbanized, stimulating a change in food habits
• An enviable share of the world’s agri-produce and diverse agro-climatic regions; India could be a potential sourcing hub
to the world
• Entry of multinational retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan and Metro, which will help stimulate the growth of western style supermarkets and bring modern standards and protocols in food processing, handling and retail to India
• The growing medical and pharmaceutical sector

Food Wastage due to Lack of Adequate Cold Storage Facilities: • 11% of world’s total vegetable production is accounted by India alone but India’s share in global vegetable trade is only 1.7%
• 127 million tons of milk was produced in 2011-12, but cold storage capacity is only available for 70,000-80,000 tons of milk
• 20%-30% of fish production is annually wasted in India
• About 25,000 unregistered slaughter houses are present in India, which generally lack chilling facilities Carrier, a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security has come up with products to meet these challenges.

Key Products from UTC
1) Carlyle compressor rack (semi-hermetic and screw compressors) and roof top centralised refrigeration solutions suitable
for distribution centres, food processing and pharma product storage
2) Condensing units with hermetic (reciprocating and scroll), semi-hermetic compressors and evaporator units in capacity
range of 1.8 kW~64 kW in medium temperature and 1.5 kW~14 kW in low temperature applications at rated conditions
3) Suprano air cooled condensers suitable for roof top installation to be coupled with compressor racks (80 kW~180 kW) at rated conditions
4) Advanza multi decks in various sizes suitable for merchandising fruits, vegetables and dairy products in food retail
5) Freezers: island freezer, glass door freezer and chiller for display and storage of frozen and chilled produce in food retail Carrier is committed to innovation and expertise in commercial refrigeration and sustainability. It was one of the first companies to apply natural refrigerants such as CO2 and R290 (propane) in commercial refrigeration.

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