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CSE Calls for Strengthening Energy Efficiency Standards
28 October 2016

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has called for a revision of air conditioning energy consumption standards, after tests found significant inefficiencies at higher ambient temperatures. A report by CSE, a New Delhi-based research and advocacy organization, concluded that current topperforming air conditioner efficiency can drop nearly 30% when the temperature reaches 40°C. The study shows that in the hottest days of summers, when temperatures are in the 40°C to 50°C range, ACs ranked highest in the classification system can consume 10% to 28% more power than their declared capacity. Energy efficiency further deteriorates when users lower the room temperature to levels below 27°C. CSE has called on the Indian government and industry entities to strengthen energy efficiency standards and test procedures to the level of those in many developed nations. (The Journal does not necessarily agree with or endorse the views expressed by CSE – Technical Editor.)

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