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Alfaa UV received the Acrex Award of Excellence for Indoor Air Quality
13 May 2017

Alfaa UV received the Acrex Award of Excellence for the second time in a row for Indoor Air Quality. Last year it received the award for UltraDuct. Due to low temperature and humid condition, bacteria grow rapidly on cooling coils and are carried to the occupied space. When a UVGI system is installed downstream of the cooling coil, it changes the DNA of the bacteria so that they cannot reproduce. This reduces the microbial count in indoor air. In addition, since the coils get cleaned, cfm increases resulting in energy saving. UVGI systems can also be incorporated in the duct. In hospital OTs and pharma Cleanrooms, when installed before HEPA filter, they enhance the life of the filter. Intensity and dosage can be worked out based on the type of virus and bacteria to be eliminated.

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