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Alfaa UV Introduces UL Certified UVGI Systems
26 July 2017

Alfaa UV, a leading player in UV water disinfection systems for 19 years, has introduced Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems for disinfection of coils and ducts in HVAC under the brand names Ultracoil and Ultraduct. Ultracoil was conferred the ACREX 2017 Award of Excellence in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) category, and comes with UL certification. It is installed inside the AHU to inhibit microbial growth on the cooling coil. This improves IAQ and saves energy by preventing a reduction in heat transfer efficiency of the coil. The need for regular maintenance is also avoided, which in turn avoids coil damage, uneven cleaning, downtime and safety issues. The UV lamps used in Ultracoil, supported by high quality ballasts, are guaranteed for 5 years. The system includes a reflector to focus UV energy on the coil. Each UVGI system is designed using CFD simulation tools for optimal design.

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