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Air Flow Launches AMCA Certified Plug Fan
26 July 2017

Air Flow has launched AFPF 108 Series – India’s first AMCA Certified (FEG) plug fan, certified for sound and air performance. These plug fans have a compact design.
Elimination of the traditional drive set (pulley and belt) between the motor and the fan results in high efficiency and low noise. The direct driven centrifugal fans are suitable for use in air handling units, cabinet fan sections, basement car parks, lift wells, stairwells and high temperature applications. The plug fans are direct driven type, in sizes from 315 to 1000 mm diameter, with air performance up to 64,000 CMH and static pressure up to 350 mm Wg. They have a backward curve aerofoil design, and are available with Aluminum and Steel Impellers. They are suitable for demand control ventilation.

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