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AHRI Launches Three New Certification Programs
03 March 2015

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has announced a new certification program for active chilled beams (ACB). The ACB program is AHRI’s 44th performance certification program for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating industry. AHRI Standards 1240 (I-P) and 1241 (SI), Performance Rating of Active Chilled Beams, were published recently, and will serve as the rating standards for the new ACB certification program. The program includes active beams defined as air induction and diffusion devices. The ACB program will certify water flow rate, water pressure drop, water coil capacity, primary air flow rate, sound generation, and induced air flow rate. Manufacturers interested in joining the ACB program may contact Mary Opalka at Earlier, AHRI had announced two new certification programs for Central Station Air Handling Unit Casings (AHUC) and Liquid-to-Liquid Brazed & Fusion Bonded Plate Heat Exchangers (LLBF). Performance data for certified products in these programs will be available in the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance. Please visit

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