Technical Group (TG): Operation Guide

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  • The ISHRAE Technical Committee (ITC) will oversee the functioning of the TGs.
  • ITC will specify the ‘Technical Domains’ from the reference list (attached) which shows at present 11 Domains.
  • Under each Domain, there shall be Technical Areas, to focus attention on specific subjects broadly falling under the Domain.
  • Each Technical Area will have a Technical Group comprising of ISHRAE members.


Tech. Domain : Fundamentals
Tech. Areas : Psychrometric Under Tech. Group : TG A101
Heat LoadsUnder Tech. Group : TG A102

TG Formation:

  • ITC shall appoint a Chair-TG for each Technical Group.
  • Each TG will have 5 permanent members in addition to the Chair.
  • ITC shall nominate ISHRAE members in good standing having exceptional knowledge & experience, as Chair-TG in their Technical Area of expertise.
  • The tenure of all permanent members shall normally be 2 years. Their replacement will be done from the other members, of the TG, by the Chair.

Members’ Participation:

  • All ISHRAE members in good standing are invited to join the TG most relevant to their area of expertise.
  • Members keen to participate in TGs should apply online through ISHRAE website. Members, have to visit “Research in ISHRAE” & click “Volunteer” followed by a click on the “TGs” that he wishes to join. They would need to enrich their profile in a special ‘TG Member Profile’ box where they have to provide relevant details of experience & expertise & their selection of TG that they would like to join.
  • Members can opt to join a maximum of 3 TGs only.
  • On updating the TG Member Profile, the member shall be automatically accepted as a ‘Provisional Member’ & an alert will be sent to the concerned Chair TG.


  • All TGs led by the Chair would network with their Permanent & Provisional Members, online.
  • In addition TGs would hold periodic concalls, to carry out the activities broadly given under ‘Scope of Work’. Provisional members shall be encouraged to contribute technically & their recommendations/suggestions shall carry the same weightage as that of the Permanent members.
  • One or more F2F meetings in a year of the six Permanent Members of the TG, would be organized by ISHRAE HQ & their travel cost (air/train) would be fully reimbursed.
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