About ITC

ISHRAE Technical Committee (ITC) is a standing committee of the Society consisting of members in good standing with a strong technical background from companies, institutions or individuals, who are willing to devote time and drive technical development in the Society. The primary mandate of ITC is to act as a catalyst for technical development by publishing new technical guidebooks, handbooks, codes and standards, updating existing publications and promoting research by providing funding for applied research projects.

  • Jitendra M Bhambure - National Chair
  • Abid Husain - Member
  • Chandrasekar Narayanan Srikantan - Member
  • Harshal A Surange - Member
  • Jyotirmay Mathur - Member
  • Nitin M Deodhar - Member
  • Ravindra S Kulkarni - Member
  • Saravanan R - Member
  • Sushil K. Choudhury - Member
Since its inception in 2013, the ITC has released the following publications:

1: Safety Guidelines for HVAC Construction Sites (New)

2: Handbook for Technicians - Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (New)

3: HVAC Engineers' Handbook - 2014 (Revision)

4: Ventilation Handbook - 2015 (Revision)

5: Handbook for Refrigeration - 2015 (Revision)

6: Ishrae Weather Data - 2014 (New)

7: Regional Language Translation of "Cold Storage Basics" fundamentals booklet in Marathi, Kannada and Hindi.

New Publications Underway:

1: HVAC System Commissioning Guidebook

2: ABC of Air Filters for the HVAC Engineer

3: Guidebook on Corrosion and its Prevention

Ishrae Funded Technical Research Projects Underway:

1: Updating weather data book, e-publishing and reclassification of climatic zones for Indian Cities

2: Development of Hybrid Evaporative Cooler for Hot & Humid Conditions

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